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2013-2014 Senate Districts

Due to redistricting, Senate districts have a unique issue that Assembly and Congressional districts do not have. Of the Senate districts established by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011, only the odd-numbered districts went into effect for the 2012 election cycle.  The new even-numbered districts will go into effect for the 2014 election cycle, and the even-numbered districts previously established by the 2001 redistricting will continue to exist until 2014. These unique circumstances create some areas of overlap between the old and new districts (“accelerated areas”) and some areas without coverage (“deferred areas”). For the 2013-14 Regular Session of the Legislature, each accelerated area essentially has two Senators representing the area and each deferred area has none. The Senate Committee on Rules will assign a Senator to provide appropriate constituent services to each deferred area. This is a normal consequence of the redistricting process.

The pink color represents even-numbered districts created in 2001 and active until the 2014 election cycle. 2014 elections will be held in the new even-numbered Senate districts created by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011.
The yellow color represents odd-numbered districts created by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011, which went into effect during the 2012 election cycle.
The orange color represents the accelerated areas for 2013-2014.
The unshaded areas represent the deferred areas that will have assigned coverage in the Senate for 2013-2014.

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2013-2014 Senate District Map

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