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Secretary of the Senate

In addition to the elected officials, a professional legislative staff oversees the conduct of the Senate's official proceedings. Two members of the professional staff are elected by the membership, and serve at the pleasure of the majority of the full Senate. The two elected staff members for the 2003-2004 legislative session are the Secretary of the Senate, Gregory P. Schmidt, and the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms, Tony Beard, Jr.

The Office of the Secretary of the Senate includes a number of staff members, and is more commonly referred to collectively as the "Senate Desk." When the Senate is in floor session, the Senate Desk staff are arrayed in front of the Senate Chamber. They have many ministerial tasks to ensure the orderly conduct of the business before the Senate, and the retention of legislative records for the use of the public. The primary roles for the Desk are: Reading Clerk, History Clerk, Daily File Clerk, Journal Clerk, and Chaplain. Their work results in the official publications of the Senate, and is available in hard copy through the Legislative Bill Room, or over the Internet.

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