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The State Legislature

Oversight and Review

Bureau of State Audits
The State's independent external auditor provides independent, nonpartisan, accurate, and timely assessments of California government's financial and operational activities in compliance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

Law Revision Commission
The California Law Revision Commission is responsible for the continuing substantive review of California statutory and decisional law. The Commission studies the law in order to discover defects and anachronisms and recommends legislation to make needed reforms. In some cases, the Commission's report demonstrates that no new legislation on a particular topic is needed, thus relieving the Legislature of the need to study the topic.

Little Hoover Commission
Read reports from the Little Hoover Commission, an independent state oversight agency that investigates state government operations and -- through reports, recommendations and legislative proposals -- promotes efficiency, economy and improved service within state government. This Web site contains a list of agency reports dating back to 1962, with full-text of many reports from 1990 to the present.

Legislative Analyst's Office
The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) provides independent, nonpartisan analysis, research, and advice to the Legislature on fiscal and policy issues. The LAO was established in 1941 to reduce the cost of state government and increase its efficiency through independent oversight and review of state programs and financing. Statute requires the LAO to provide in-depth analysis of the state's revenues and expenditures, unbiased analyses of all measures on the statewide ballot, and a rigorous review of any changes proposed by the Governor to the adopted budget.

Senate Advisory Commission on Cost Control
The Senate Cost Control Commission's mission is to increase and enhance cooperative private and public sector efforts to control the costs of and increase the efficiency of state government.

Government Watchdogs
A list of various government watchdog agencies.

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